what types of wheelchair cars do citroen offer

There are many types of accessible cars but a car, which has been converted to either carry a person travelling in their wheelchair or for a person who wishes to drive themselves from their wheelchair. Whichever vehicle is chosen it will be based on a standard model and feature such adaptations as a lift or built in ramp, seatbelts for the wheelchair user and wheelchair tie downs to aid security. Wheelchair cars enable the wheelchair user to drive whilst sitting in their wheelchair. This type of WAV would have to be fitted with special controls to enable the wheelchair user to drive independently.

Types of wheelchair cars do Citroen mobility cars offer

Always ask any questions that will ensure you make your final decision based on facts. Don't be afraid to ask whatever you think is necessary and don't stop until all your questions have been answered to your complete satisfaction.

· Can I see out of all the windows easily?

· Does the conversion have all the features that I need?

· Is there enough room for the passengers who would normally travel with me?

· Make sure that the car can fit into my garage or parking space.