what is a wheelchair access vehicle

The purpose of buying a wheelchair access vehicle is so that you can remain mobile even in the most difficult circumstances. Any vehicle you buy should be able to serve the purpose for which you bought it. You should be able to board it from a wheelchair. Once you are seated inside, the vehicle should have enough space for storing the wheelchair.

Since individuals have varied needs, wheelchair accessible vehicles also exist in different types. You can actually find the right vehicle for you if you look very well. The following are the different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles you will be able to find on the market:

Rooftop Storage

You can use a hydraulic or electric hoist to store a wheelchair on the rooftop of the vehicle. It works for people who can move to the extent of getting into the driver’s seat.

Wheelchair Hoist

These vehicles have an electric or hydraulic hoist mounted on the boot. Its purpose is to lift the wheelchair into the car boot. They are suitable for individuals with a comparably high level of mobility.

Boot Storage

If you have a large car, it is possible to store the wheelchair in the boot. But you have to move from the boot back to the car and also carry the wheelchair into the boot.

If You Use A Wheelchair, Then You Should Ensure You Get The Right Vehicle For The Job.